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Every Lancer has a story: Lukas Richmond

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By age ten, senior Lukas Richmond had met Alan Alda on the show “M.A.S.H.” (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital), and stood next to Tim Allan in “Santa Clause 3.”
For four and half years, Richmond was a background actor for 16 TV shows and movies popular with both children and adults.
His acting career all started after finishing a baseball tournament when Richmond and his family of six went to Dave and Busters for dinner. While there, a woman approached them and asked if the siblings were interested in background acting.
“I feel lucky that she approached me,” he said. “It’s what first got me interested in the movie industry.
While on the “Santa Clause 3” set, Richmond enjoyed pretending to make toys, going down a slide built into the set and seeing all the robotic reindeer.
“You can definitely see him in “Santa Clause 3” when he is coming down the stairs and pointing at Jack Frost as he takes over the Santa Clause Factory,” senior Jocelyn Garcia said.
Originally, Richmond was cast as an elf for the movie; however, his mother did not accept the role for him due to the long hours required on set and the amount of school Richmond would have to miss.
“The schooling sucked because we were required to be there for six full hours and we were not allowed to talk,” Richmond said. “There is one teacher for all the children in the room and the ages ranged from 10 to about 16.”
Each morning Richmond had to arrive on set early, requiring him to wake up at 4 a.m. For the remaining time, he went on-and-off set for each required scene.
“It was especially interesting getting called into make-up,” he said. “I remember having tons of make-up being caked on my face before going on set.”
While Richmond waited for his scenes, he sat in a room with the other children and did homework.
“I was in elementary school for most of the time I acted, so I never had much homework and most of the time I just read for the six hours,” he said.
Richmond especially remembers his time on “The Riches” because for the first time, he was going to be a double for another character on the show.
“I had to cross-dress, so they chopped all my hair off, and then dyed it,” he said. “I thought they were going to use me for a long time, but then after three days they said they didn’t need me anymore.”
Originally, Richmond was fine with having his hair cut off, even though his mother did not agree. She repeatedly asked him if he was sure that this was something he wanted to do.
“When they dyed my hair, it turned purple,” he said. “Then, when my mom tried to fix my hair, it turned orange, which was horrible.”
Despite these setbacks, Richmond did meet Minnie Driver, the actress who played Mandy in “Ella Enchanted,” Valerie in “Modern Family” and the voice of Jane in “Tarzan.”
“I actually got to talk to her because the boy I was standing in for was her son,” he said. “I also got to read lines to her.”
Other shows Richmond has done background for is “The Bernie Mac Show,” “House” and “Desperate Housewives.”
“I had no idea what it was at the time,” he said. “My mom just showed me where I was later on the screen.”
Although he is not currently acting, Richmond is grateful he was involved in the film industry.
“I feel very privileged to have gone to the places I have gone,” Richmond said. “It has given me some incredible experiences.”

“Every Lancer Has a Story” is a recurring feature on a randomly selected student.

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