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Worth the risk

With plans to travel the world, sophomore Taylor Lovullo hopes to learn as much as possible about other cultures.

Worth the risk

Taylor Lovullo

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Some people call her ambitious. Other people call her crazy. No matter what her friends and family say, sophomore Taylor Lovullo has been visiting faraway places ever since she was little, and she doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.
“As a little kid, I hated leaving home for weeks at a time,” Lovullo said, “but as I got older, I realized how lucky I was to be able to experience all these different places.”
Lovullo’s first times traveling were a result of her father’s job. He used to work with the Blue Jays in Toronto, Canada, and her trips to visit him in the summer were the beginning of a lifelong passion.
Now that her dad works as a bench coach for the Boston Red Sox, she visits him there instead, but her favorite city is still Toronto.
“[Toronto] is such a huge, clean, modern city,” Lovullo said. “Everything is in walking distance and it was safe for me to go explore places on my own.”
Because of her dad’s career as a baseball coach, she has become used to traveling, and has spent many summers in places all over America.
Travel books and atlases completely fill her bedroom and imagination.
“When I was in middle school, I found an escape in reading about faraway places and planning exactly where I wanted to go one day,” Lovullo said.
She reads so that she can learn about different cultures and languages and what other wonders the world has in store for her.
“I want to get the most out of a culture and what it has to offer.” Lovullo said. “I was born to travel.”
After college, Lovullo wants to live in Moscow or St. Petersburg in Russia for a few years before experiencing other countries.
“Prague, Beirut, Lisbon—the list goes on forever,” Lovullo said.
As for her career, Lovullo plans to work abroad, possibly in international affairs as a linguist or as an English teacher in other countries.
“Being something like a U.S. Foreign Service Officer would be a dream,” Lovullo said, “but realistically I plan on majoring in a foreign language and seeing where that takes me.”
Because of her interest in travel, Lovullo has also developed a strong passion for learning languages. She already knows basic Russian and the Cryllic alphabet, and takes a Spanish class, but she won’t stop there. Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Farsi are just a few of the others on her list.
So far, her favorite is Spanish, which also happens to be her first foreign language.
“It’s like a ‘first love’ type of thing,” Lovullo said. “It’s beautiful, flowing and it opens the door to understanding so many fascinating cultures.”
Despite her enthusiasm, not everyone understands her need to explore. Even her family doesn’t understand her infatuation with traveling. Though they travel often, they still think that some of the things she wants to do are dangerous.
“I realize some of my plans are kind of weird and risky,” Lovullo said, “but I’m going to have the best stories to tell, and that’s what life is really about.

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