Green Hole’s 2016 Debut


The football season has sprung and the green hole is back better than ever. Among many new improvements, this year boasts the first female green hole leader at TOHS, senior Coral Cataldo.  The six leaders plan on continuing old traditions and keeping the student body excited to be a part of the green hole.

“The junior class is super hyped and the senior class is weird and I love it.  Like the cactus and crocodile that was brought out last game.”  senior Ryan Sciarillo said.

The leaders want to focus on being as loud as possible year and so far the green hole has lived up to past expectations. Thousand Oaks had its first home game of the season on August 26th.  Even though the varsity team lost 58-14, the green hole was there to back up their team.  

“We will be the loudest, biggest, and best student section no matter what any score is of any game.” senior Kyle Cornell said.

One thing the leaders want to enforce this year is having the seniors in the front of the green hole, juniors behind seniors, sophomores behind juniors, and freshmen in the back. They also want everyone to be involved in the green hole.

We’re really trying to integrate every class this year” senior Zac Scheuberg said.

The leaders might try out a few new cheers in the upcoming games and make sure it’s a fun football season for everyone in the green hole. The rollercoaster, the victory storm of the field, and flour tossing at the homecoming game are just a few of the green hole traditions that will be continued this year.

“Last game we bought candy, necklaces, and glow sticks to throw into the green hole to keep them into it.”  senior Andrew Berard said.

Make sure you find your way into the green hole this season and be prepared for lots of cheering and lots of fun.

Senior Ben Martz said TOHS can expect “Absolute madness no matter what the outcome of the game on the field or the court is. We can promise that.”