Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams”


Cate Valinote

Chris Martin is sprinting across the stage, an American flag dangling from his pocket, as audience members’ wristbands ignite into a polytechnic light show. Following up the fan requested “Don’t Panic,” Coldplay is amazing the crowd with celebratory tunes. “A Head Full of Dreams” and its international optimism is resonating with people across the globe.

From the moment the concert begins, the stadium is already exploding as if it is the finale. Constellations of color dance across the crowd, balloons bounce across the stadium– and of course, the band’s dreamy beats and vocals gyrate.

Coldplay draws in audience members of all ages, colors, and backgrounds and show them an experience like no other. By the end of Coldplay’s seventh tour, “A Head Full of Dreams,” the band will have performed sixty shows across five continents. They set an attendance record in Mexico City and sold out four nights at Wembley Stadium in London. Unbelievably, they only started in March.

By the end of the concert, the audience member is connected with that imagination, optimism, and carelessness of childhood. This band never seems to stop going “Up&Up.”