Why I Didn’t Do the Dishes


Sebastian Maya, Entertainment Editor

A student writes a persuasive article to get out of trouble

As a student who wakes up at six, spends eight hours at school, goes straight from class to a sport, travels back home to do homework, I don’t have the body or mental power to rinse plates and lift the one pound weight into the dishwasher. I know, first world problems. However, parents of the first world children believe it necessary to topple the already fragile schedule structure of a student and add chores. It is my responsibility to save these children of added work with my persuasive and totally non-scientific or proven essay on why a student should not do chores around the house.

 The first and most important problem a parent should be aware of is a student’s mental health. Adding more activities that deviate from school or sports can highly affect a student in a negative way. Chores will decrease a student’s productive efficiency and increase stress and anxiety towards unfinished school tasks or social networking. Increased stress levels can lead to even less productivity which will decrease performance causing a downward spiral.

The second important issue that parents need to be aware of is physical fatigue. Due to long hours in school and physical exercise faintness can occur. Chores will exhaust the student and prevent them from further studying and homework can’t be done. Prevention of further studying and school work can increase stress levels and follow the same downward spiral as seen in disturbances of mental health.

In conclusion, chores put a student in danger of anxiety, stress, and multiple unforeseeable risks. Students, spread and share this article to forbid any other student from the perils unseen by parents. Save yourself from the evil chores. Now I can call myself a hero.      

Photo: Dave Pape