Before the end of the year, a unique cinematic film was released into the world we call the movie industry. It feels safe to say that when shown the final production of the musical “Cats”, actors and viewers alike were left with thoughts of confusion and possible disdain.
The expectations of the movie based on the trailer and knowledge of the musical, set a difficult base for the movie to say the least.
“It was a very weird movie, the plot made zero sense, and I didn’t like the choreography that much but I did enjoy the singing. The casting of actors was good but the actual movie was just kind of a flop,” said theater student Anabelle Sanders.
It could be safe to say that some viewers saw the movie out of pure curiosity, almost with the same reasoning a person goes to see a horror movie, out of interest and wanting to see something to make you slightly uncomfortable.
“If you’re looking for something to question besides your life choices, then the terrifyingly bizarre “Cats” movie is most definitely for you.” said Mia McBride.
Mia was another person who saw the movie out of interest from the trailers, intrigued and almost distraught by what she saw, she decided to watch it.
James Corden, a character in the movie, also commented about how disturbed he was by the results.
People left the movie with a bewildered state of mind and a bit of a lull on what they were supposed to get from the movie, especially if they had no previous knowledge about the musical.
“I wanted to go see “Frozen 2” and was dragged to “Cats” instead. Already disappointed, all I can remember is bad CGI and Fat Amy ate a cockroach.” said Lizzy Luna.
The movie “Cats” definitely had its ups and downs, as it’s not easy making an older musical a modern day movie. This one, collectively agreed upon, was not a success.