The Lancer and ASB present the TOHS Virtual Talent Show


Due to school closures, the TOHS Talent Show was unable to take place. However, The Lancer and ASB still wanted to provide performers with a place to showcase their talent.

Senior Tiffany Kim chose to sing “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

“I did a slower more mellow song last year so I wanted to try a happier more up tempo song and [it was] the first one I thought of,” Kim said. “I did the talent show last year as a way to step out of my comfort zone and I had a pretty good time so I thought it would be a good thing to take part in my last year of high school”. Quarantine prevented her from the real talent show but she continues singing.

“It’s my only source of entertainment at the moment.”

Freshman Jess Luna chose “Soldier, Poet, King” by The Oh Hellos.

“It’s the first things me and my girlfriend Kayenne listened to together. The original is not an a cappella piece, so fill the time [during quarantine] I wrote the final verse of what I performed,” Luna said. “I wanted to do the talent show because I wasn’t prepared enough for the solo showcase and wanted to meet new people”. During quarantine Luna keep busy by singing every day.

“The more a person sings, the better they become”

Senior Quentin Hall chose to perform “Eruption.”

“Eddie Van Halen is the shred godfather,”  Hall said. “Lauren Melvin has been asking me to do [the talent show] since sophomore year so shout out to Lauren.”

He continues to practice guitar while he is quarantine.

Junior Mathangi Sastry chose to sing “Speechless” by Naomi Scott from “Aladdin” (2019)

“She likes princess Jasmine and likes this song very much,” her mother said. “She wanted to do the talent show because she likes to be on the stage and perform.”

Sastry continues to sing during the quarantine.

Senior Emi Fuji

“I chose it because it reminded me about the feelings I have about graduating and starting a new chapter in my life. I’m nervous, but eager, scared, but excited. And besides that, it’s just really catchy,” Fuji said. “I wanted to do the talent show because it’s one of the few times I want to sing in public. It’s a fun and honestly freeing experience that I don’t feel anywhere else.”

She is spending some of her time in quarantine singing.

“I am still singing, but not as often as before. It’s strange, I feel comfortable singing when no one is around. On stage I know there are many people watching, but it’s like I trick myself because I see only darkness surrounding me and I know I’ve practiced and prepared for the audience, so there’s less of a chance of me messing up and having to deal with others judgment,” Fuji said. “But when I sing in my free time, I don’t practice the songs all of the time and I might hit a wrong note. I’m living with my parents but even then, I don’t feel like singing, because my mind is telling me that they will laugh if I mess up.”

Sophomore Brianna Nelson wrote an original song that she preformed.

“I chose this song because I wrote it and because it is something I connect to,” Nelson said. “I wanted to do the talent show because I like performing and I thought it would be a great way to meet new people and share my talent with more people.”.

During quarantine, Nelson has played guitar and sang quite a bit. She has also been writing more songs that she hopes to release soon.

Senior Noah Burr sang by Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, and Ziv Zaifman from “The Greatest Showman”

“I chose the song because it’s from my favorite movie and I love hearing Hugh Jackman sing in the movie,” Burr said.“I [did] the talent show because it gives me the opportunity to sing in front of a lot of people.”

While in quarantine he continues singing.

“I always sing no matter where I am so I guess you could say I’m still singing”.

Senior Raiki Namioka chose to play the piano to “Taking it Easy” by William Gillock arranged by Glenda Austin.

“[The song] fits his style,” his mother said. “His piano teacher pushed him to challenge himself.”

During quarantine Namioka consistently continues to practice piano.