Holiday Drink Showdown

Every year, the big name coffee giants release their holiday drinks with seasonal flavors and high prices. Today we put 2 of the biggest chains and 1 local shop up against each other to battle it out for winter season supremacy.




Hot Caramel Brulee Latte- 

According to the menu, the “Caramel Brulee Latte” has Starbucks’ signature caramel brulee sauce, espresso and steamed milk. The latte is topped with whipped cream and drizzled caramel brulee sauce. I was expecting the latte to have a coffee taste and caramel undertone, but was ultimately disappointed. The latte was quite watery and left a weird aftertaste, but at least it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. Overall, I would not order the drink again, but on the other hand, I finished it, which shows it is bearable. I wish the drink was more flavorful because it barely left an impression on my taste buds.

I ordered and received the latte in under ten minutes. The cashier was very nice and helpful and I was greeted when walking in. I am never dissatisfied by the employees at the Starbucks in the Oakbrook Plaza. 

I ordered a size tall, which came out to $4.85. For the size of the drink, I think it should be a slightly lower price. It is a seasonal product, which may be the reason why the drink was so expensive, however for the size, the price is absurd.  

Overall rating: 4/10 


Coffee Bean: 


Hot Cookie Butter Latte- 

The “Cookie Butter Latte” was very sweet, but I expected this due to the name of the drink. It lacked a significant coffee taste which I yearned for. In fact, I did not taste any coffee at all, causing me to think it was a kid’s drink. Moreover, the temperature of the latte could have been hotter. Despite its setbacks, the latte was actually quite tasty and had hints of spice and brown sugar. It tasted like a warm cookie, perfect for a cold winter morning. 

The cashier was quick and to the point. There was no side conversation which some people may dislike. Personally, I enjoy conversation when getting coffee because coffee shops have a homey vibe. My drink was made very fast, so the overall experience lasted a little over 5 minutes. 

The latte came out to $4.25, making it the least expensive out of the three drinks. The size of it is about the same as the “tall” from Starbucks. 

Overall rating: 7/10




Hot Candy Cane Latte- 

I was expecting the “Candy Cane latte” to have an average, artificial mint taste to it. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the latte had an earthy taste. It tastes like a mint leaf was crushed up and put in the coffee, but in the best way possible. The latte hits you with a taste of coffee and then an underlying mint twang. If you are looking for a drink to quench your winter feeling, I highly recommend this latte. 

The service at Five07 is one of my favorite features of the local coffee shop. The cashier was very friendly and full of life. The drink took the longest to make out of all the places, but the wait was worth it. 

The latte came out to $5.90 which is on the pricey side, however the size I ordered is slightly bigger than the two other drinks. Although the drink is expensive, you would be supporting a local small business and would be paying for the atmosphere of the coffee shop.  

Overall rating: 9/10