Get Green for Green


Mrs. Frohn’s class is filled with students thinking up creative fundraisers that will raise awareness towards the environment. The Green for Green club, formed by Junior Ella Fortney last year, is an environment club that focuses on making our school and community more environmentally friendly.

The quad during lunch bustles with student activity and the Green for Green club is preparing for their first ever “Henna Tattoo” fundraising event. The club’s event, which took place in the quad December 15-16, allowed students to get different styled henna tattoos for 50 cents, along with succulents for 2-3 dollars, depending on the size.

“I got the idea from red ribbon week, where students are asked to make pledges against doing drugs” said club president Ella Fortney.

Money made from the fundraiser will go towards helping Mrs. Ferrell and her club redo the habitat by the C building. The club has had a variety of events this year that have the main goal of promoting and funding the school’s composting system which was instilled at the beginning of this year.

“The various projects we are working on to make the school more green, for example our mini mural art contest that will engage the community in the improvement of our school compost system,” said Fortney.

Getting people involved is a major factor in the events, hence having the henna tattoos only 50 cents. Fortney hopes to use the henna tattoos as a way for students to pledge to be more cautious of their environmental surroundings. Green for Green will also be holding a mural contest during February for 3 of the school’s compost bins in order to raise more awareness towards the school’s composting system. Those interested in having their art on the compost bins can send ideas and personal sketches to the Green for Green e-mail, and club members will paint the designs onto the bins.

“We wanted it to primarily be a way to get people involved, that is why we are charging so low for the henna. We are encouraging people to choose designs that are related to nature as a way of showing support for environmental protection,” Fortney said. “The henna is a way of pledging to care about the environment.”

Upcoming events will include a local club hike, along with a seed bomb workshop. Dated and times will be announced.

For those interested, the club meets every other Tuesday in E6.