Lancer Spotlight: Dance Captains Jackie Casillas and Mikey Flores


The Lancer interviews All Male captain Mikey Flores and TFT dance team captain Jackie Casillas about their experiences in leadership positions during the TOHS Winter Dance Concert, themed “Around The World In Dance.” The concert took place on December seventh, eighth, and ninth, but the dance teams and classes prepped for the concert for many months.

The Lancer: What are a captains duties for the winter dance concert?

Jackie Casillas: Make headpieces, be in charge of cleaning duties and check in with coaches, look for costumes in the costume bin, size costumes, make the food assignments, be aware of the show’s flow, and choreograph bows.

Mikey Flores: Some of the captain duties are to check other people’s costumes to see if they have everything and make sure my team is set to go on when our spot comes.

TL: What was special about dance concert this year?

JC: What was special was the fact that I was in the seniors dance and that I got to choreograph our bows dance.

MF: Something that was special to me was that it was my last winter concert after being in the program for 4 years.

TL: What was your favorite dance in the concert this year? Why?

JC: My favorite dance was jazz, because I personally admire jazz more than any other dance genre.

MF: It had to be tap dance, I really liked it and it was really upbeat.