Q&A with Filmmaker Anna Randall


The Lancer: What made you chose to do a film for your project?
Anna Randall: I chose to do a film for my project because last year I realized my passion and want to go into the film industry. I wanted to have an experience of creating something of my own before going to college. I wanted to know and learn the process so I was prepared. The project is about doing what you’re passionate about so I chose a film.

TL: What is your film about and why did you choose that theme/plot? What is the significance to you?

AR: My film called Not Alone is about a closeted gay girl who feels like something is wrong with her. All around her she only sees straight teens and she feels she can’t be herself. When she starts to see other queer girls at school being open about their sexuality she gets the courage to be who she is. She finds her way to the Gay-Straight Alliance at her school and finally feels welcomed and understood.  This theme is important to me because I feel like I and a lot of other LGBT individuals struggle and feel alone when we first come to terms with our identities. The GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) at TO is what brought me to the friends I have in the LGBT community. By establishing the club and being president my junior and senior year, I have watched all my friends be more open and comfortable with who they are and I think it’s such a beautiful thing.

TL: What has been the most difficult about filming and production?
AR: Scheduling and finding times to film has been difficult during college apps. Most of my actors were in the schools fall production so we had to take a break. I’m working with just regular students so it can be hard to get exactly what I want to be conveyed because they don’t have much experience, especially in acting for a film.

TL: How long have you been interested in filmmaking? Did anyone inspire you to make films? If so who and why?
AR: It was the end of my junior year that I realized my passion for film and being able to tell a story through image. Moving to California really exposed me to the reality of doing whatever I wanted with my career and I was drawn to the screen.

TL:  Are you going to pursue filmmaking in college or will it be a hobby?

AR: I will be pursuing it in college, I am very excited and my goal is to work with companies that produce mainstream media.

TL: Is this your first time making a video? Have you made others for fun?

AR: This is my first time making a legitimate film. I have made small other ones for college app supplements

TL: What do you hope to gain from the movie and others seeing it?

AR: For me, film is all about communicating to people with the universal of moving image. It allows people to experience other perspectives they are not exposed to and become educated. Education is key to ending the hate and cruelty in the world.

TL: When do you think it will be finished and where can people come and watch it?

AR: I am hoping it will be finished latest by March. I will be posting it on YouTube, and it will be shown at the Senior Culminating Experience festival for students in the center program (don’t know the official name of the event). I am also hoping to submit it to a film festival, I still have to do research on that!