College and Career Night


“I believe that every student will find their way.” CVUSD Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and former Thousand Oaks High School principal Lou Lichtl, said.

Every year there comes a time that the students of the Conejo Valley Unified School District high schools come together for a night of exploring a wide range of colleges and career possibilities. This year, Westlake High School hosted the annual College and Career Night on Sept. 26, with colleges from across the country hoping to recruit new students for the coming school years.

“[I enjoy] just watching all of our students come out and exploring where their future belongs… Sometimes it just takes a little time, but it’s great to see kids really excited about going to college,” Lichtl said.

Along with enjoying the Epic Taco and Kona Ice trucks, parents and students milled about. Over 30 college representatives shared their knowledge with attendees. Later,  the mini breakout sessions outlined the basics of application essay writing, finding the right type of school, getting financial help, and more.

“[I’m most interested in learning about] the majors each university offers,” TOHS freshman Ole Nagorsen said.

Even freshman got in on the action, taking advantage of the night to begin thinking about possible majors and learning what steps they need to take to benefit their futures.

“[I’d like to learn] what my path will have to be to graduation,” Miller Nagorsen, Newbury Park High School senior said.

Seniors spent the night analyzing the different colleges present and assessing which ones seemed like good fits. They learned how to apply to certain college systems, write well-rounded and engaging application essays, and hone in on what they might want to major in.

Finding financial aid and managing money before, during, and after college were also among the topics discussed.

During the breakout sessions, teachers, administrators, counselors, and more offered their services to help parents and students get the most out of college life. For every step of the way, there was someone to turn to who had the answers to all different types of questions.

Whether freshman, senior, or parent, it is never too early to begin exploring the world of and beyond college, and the experiences and opportunities they bring.