How Halloween Came To Be


Deck: The tradition of Halloween has been around for many years, but it looks different compared to the way we celebrate it now. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons>>with permission

The tradition of Halloween originated in the 1800s from an ancient festival of Samhain. During this time people would wear costumes and light fires to fend off ghosts, whom they believed came back to haunt them.

Halloween was not even considered a holiday back then. It was originally All Saints Day or All Hallows Eve and this holiday was the night before Halloween. However, this changed when the Celtic religion altered the name and that is how Halloween came to be.

The way we celebrate Halloween today is not the way it used to be celebrated. For example, when trick or treating people used to dress up and go knocking on other’s doors asking if they had money or food to spare. Eventually, this turned into trick-or-treating with candy and goodies.

When Halloween first originated, trick-or-treating was always followed by playing a trick on someone and rewarding them a treat after, but between 1920 and 1950 the practice of Halloween was revised. Kids started getting cruel tricks played on them, which was put to a stop as they now get treats.

Another difference is Halloween is celebrated. Halloween parties used to be people going around and vandalizing property. However, by the 1950s Halloween became a holiday to be celebrated by the young, which put an end to vandalizing property.

To this day people celebrate Halloween in many different, unique and fun ways.

“I like to watch scary movies like ‘Paranormal Activity’” sophomore Bella Bloomquist said.

There are many other different ways people celebrate Halloween now other than scary movies like trick or treating, carving pumpkins, eating candy and baking cakes.