GirlNextDoor To Perform at Rock City Studios


This coming Saturday, January 7th, Thousand Oaks High School juniors Alyssa Hernandez, Megan Ragone, and Carly Shukiar will perform as GirlNextDoor, an all girl pop rock band, at the Rock City Studios in Camarillo. Rock City Studios is hosting a Girl’s Night as an event in which female fronted, local bands can perform live.

“I’m excited,” Ragone said, one of the band’s singers and main songwriters, as well as the bass player. “We’ve been working hard on new music and getting down every little detail.”

GirlNextDoor began two years ago, the girls’ freshman year, when Hernandez and Shukiar approached Ragone with the proposal of starting a band together.

“First we were just messing around with some friends, jamming out,” Ragone said. “A few months later, Carly and Alyssa came to me and said ‘Want to start a band?’” Hernandez got to work writing lyrics, Shukiar practiced the drums, and Ragone figured out the bass.

“We got our first gig a week later,” Ragone said.

Five other bands will be performing alongside GirlNextDoor at Rock City Studios, including Disrupted Euphoria, The Signs, Ichorling, The Masquerade, and Polylane

Saturday’s show starts at 7 PM, located at 2258 Pickwick Dr. in Camarillo. GirlNextDoor will begin their performance from around 9 PM to 9:30 PM. Tickets go for $12 at the door, or $10 if you buy them from any of the GirlNextDoor band members. All ages are welcomed.