Campus Cleanup


Some believe that the messiness of their fellow classmates needs to be improved.

“It’s not that hard to go from your spot to a trashcan. It’s plain gross seeing trash everywhere,” senior Hannah Mackay said. “Show some respect for yourself and the area you occupy. “

Others such as Leah Rios, grade 12, don’t believe it’s the student’s job to keep the campus clean.

“If kids don’t litter then janitors won’t have a job to do, kids who litter are giving people jobs,” Rios said.

This opinion seems to be one of few, as junior Abby McDonald sums up the opinions of many.

“Trash, it looks ugly and smells bad, but it also spreads all around campus, and from our campus it can spread to the park or the neighborhood by the school,” McDonald said. “To leave trash somewhere is to show that you don’t care about that place or about anyone else there. I don’t care if you don’t like the school, no one enjoys school, but you can at least make it more tolerable for people to be here. When people see that no one else cares, it tends to brings down morale, and in a high school, morale is what keeps students from ditching school on a regular basis.”

In the end, the student body is impacted by the state of our campus, and there are those that believe our campus image leaves room for improvement.

The state of our campus is starting to degrade; now is the time for action.