Lancers versus Hollywood Knights


Last Saturday our gym hosted an intense game of basketball between a group of celebrities that call themselves the Hollywood Knights and a team made up of teachers on campus as well as members of the army.

This event was brought to our school thanks to both Kiss FM as well as our band program. Michael Harris, a band booster, brought this event to our campus.

“About two years ago I was looking for a fundraising opportunity,” Harris said. “ I talked with [Kiss FM], and we got the celebrities and the faculty involved.”

Unlike last year, where both band and ASB worked together to put on the event, this year’s game was hosted only by the music program.

While there was not as many people at the game as there was last February, there was still a good turnout, and people were having fun. Jake Ennis, a senior on campus, was in attendance, and he hoped for a humorous game.

“[I expect to see] something really funny,” he said.

Money gained from this event went to the band’s fund.

“[The money goes towards] our general fund for our boosters and for our programs so that we can continue the programs that we offer,” band director Marty Martone said.

During halftime everyone was able to get signatures of the Celebrities in attendance, including autographs from Alex Wassabi, Jeremy Sumpter, and Luke Benward. The two teams were neck and neck until the end of the game, where the Hollywood Knights were able to win the game with 69 points to our faculty’s 53.