AP Test Sign Ups Confusion


“Having to sign up for AP tests this early is kind of stressful,” junior Katie Daniels said. “ I know you have to sign up at some point, but doing it this early already makes me worried about them.”

On the other hand, many believe that it is beneficial to sign up earlier, so students take the class more seriously knowing they have to take the test at the end. 

“I think it’s a good idea because if you sign up for the test and pay the fee early it encourages students to actually take the class seriously earlier in the year and want to learn and know the material to do well,” Junior Maycie Cereghino said. 

Students in past years did not work hard in some classes because the AP test was too intangible. They paid for this later in the year when they had to relearn all the lessons they had been taught in order to pass the test. 

Whether they are in favor or against earlier sign ups, most AP students that have already signed up need to be on their A-game for the rest of the year, knowing they have a big exam at the end of it.

For the first time this year, sign ups for Advanced Placement tests administered by the College Board are in Oct., causing some students to stress as they try to figure out the College Board’s new website. 

Oct. 15 was said to be the last day to sign up for the exams at the lowest price, which is much earlier than previous years where people typically registered in the spring. However, many students were left confused and stressed when they paid for their tests online, but their teachers told them they hadn’t signed  up.

Finally, teachers realized that students had to officially say they were taking each test on their My AP account, a new website this year. Students have to pay for tests through the school district on Q, and also register on their AP account. This led to some panic from students and teachers alike, leading to the district extending the window to pay for tests until Nov. 1. 

Also, many people have mixed emotions about the Oct. sign ups. Paying for a test so soon gives kids more time to worry about it, leading to test anxiety starting months before the AP test.