The Fantastic Singers of TOHS


On Thursday, members of the Thousand Oaks High School choir and their families gathered in the PAC to honor the stunning voices of our school.

Mrs. Santangelo, TOHS choir director, puts on these solo showcases twice a year to give students an opportunity to gain confidence and to showcase their voices through their favorite songs. Students performed solo, in duets, and even trios.

“While we do a lot of different styles within the choir setting,” Santangelo said, “They [The students] don’t always get the opportunity to fully showcase their solo talents”.

The solo showcase featured students playing acoustic guitar, ukulele, and even expressing their acting skills through broadway inspired performances. Mrs. Santangelo emphasized that his showcase, which takes place twice a year, gives students the opportunity to express their love for music but also allows them to solo in front of a supportive audience.

While students get the experience, Santangelo said that many of her students who go into music during college include this showcase on their resumes. Students who have their performance videoed also submit it as an audition tape for colleges with that requirement.

“For a lot of my students they go into college in some sort of music whether it’s major or minor or if they just do productions there, sometimes these shows serve as a part of their resume” Santangelo said “And sometimes they serve as audition videos so it’s also beneficial in that way.”

The students who participate in the TOHS fall solo showcase will be able to use this opportunity to support them beyond high school and give them the confidence needed to become successful. These solo showcases happen twice a year, to give students multiple opportunities to improve. 

Mrs. Santangelo makes sure that there are many chances for her students to perform with songs of their choosing. The TO choir students will have the resources to be successful beyond school with these programs.