Save money with Ap classes

As most high school students know the Ap test is very difficult no matter what subject it’s for. Kids spend all year studying for one test that determines if they will get a college credit out of the way or if they will have to retake it later. The tests are so hard because they are meant for college students, not high school students. Physics and Human Geography are two of the hardest Ap tests to pass and studio art: Drawing is one of the easiest. Most classes offer an Ap level class you can take such as a language.
It is highly encouraged for students to take Ap classes because it cost around $200 in high school but around $1,000 if you take it in college. The tests are scored at college level because they are college classes.
The scoring on the test is out of five. A three or higher on the test means you passed and a two or lower means you failed. A five is the best you can get on tests, like the equivalent to an A. The pass rates are often pretty low for the tests. Physics has a pass rate of 45% and Human Geography with a pass rate of 49% and that’s just to get a 3. The pass rates for a 5 on these tests are under 15% of the kids.