2016 Presidential Election


2016 Presidential Election

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My Thoughts on the Result of the 2016 Presidential Election

Sierra Waters

I am disgusted and embarrassed to call myself an American right now. Does anybody realize what we’ve done? I’m in utter shock and disbelief.

We elected a man who is so full of disrespect and hatred for others, who is anti-anything-except-a-white-male. We have elected a bigot, supremacist, misogynistic person (politely put) to run and represent this person. Where have our morals gone? How could anyone be so pro hate? I don’t understand how someone, how half the country, can have so much anger and prejudice against others. People are people and need to be judged by character, not by race, gender, sexuality, and traits people couldn’t and didn’t choose. I don’t understand why this country thinks that this is okay.

Even more so I don’t understand how minorities could possibly vote red in this election. When you voted for him you asked to be treated as a second-class citizen and have the government discriminate against you. As a minority in several ways, I cannot wrap my head around your thought process.

I woke up this morning, checked my phone, and saw the massive amounts of text messages that I didn’t even have to read to know what had happened. I wish I was kidding when I say that I was crying about our new reality. All the progress we’ve made over the past eight years with equal rights is potentially going to be thrown away. And now with a conservative Congress and soon Conservative Supreme court, no more social progress will be made. Everything dating back to the revolutionary war, the founding of this country, was a waste of time if this is what the people want.

How do you think we, the land of opportunity, look to other countries right now? We look arrogant and hateful, because the only thing they have to look  to is the man WE voted for who exhibits those traits. And since we voted for him, then we must exhibit those traits as well.

How did we let hate win in the United States of America?

Optimistically Scared

Gavin P Norton

Well, America. You did it; you proved one group of individuals to be the ultimate losers: those who conducted the polls. Apart from the LA Times, every major poll leading up to Nov 8 had Clinton winning the electoral college and the popular votes. So, they were wrong. And it’s time to live with the consequences.

That means accepting the consequences.

Am I happy with the general election results? Yes, I am.

Is everybody happy with the election results? No, not even close! But, America has spoken and America wants Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States of America.

I cannot—to any degree—further discourage those upset with the results of the election of protesting. It will do nothing.

As Hillary Clinton said herself; a calm, peaceful transfer of power is something America has cherished for centuries, and those opposing such a peaceful transition are being un-American hypocrites.

There is no easy way to put it, but if you are panicking over being gay, Muslim, Mexican, black, a woman under a Trump administration, you are overreacting. And overreactions lead to division.

It is strictly and fundamentally unconstitutional for a President to so vehemently discriminate against any large group of people, and Republican control of congress does not mean Trump gains any more power. It is imperative to recall how many Republicans (several of which are in congress) have openly stated their negative emotions towards Trump.

Trump deserves an equal chance to run the country, the same chance everyone else who has ever sought the Presidency deserves. Yet, those who vented their hate for Trump before the election on how divisive and hateful they perceived him, are being as divisive as they condemned.

The #NeverTrump-ers or those who claim #ImStillWithHer are threatening our political system with their negativity.

Don’t hate anyone on their political beliefs; there are better reasons to hate people.

We are all American. We may not all love him, but we must be optimistic.