Battle of the Bands

This year’s Thousand Oaks Battle of the Bands included an incredible lineup of high school bands, attracting students from all over the county to the Teen Center where history would be made on Saturday night.


On December 4, six high school bands in the area all converged at the Alex Fiore Teen Center to compete for the win and a cash prize of $500. The event had a large turnout with the area being filled by teenagers and adults alike who had come to scope out the talents of these young musicians.

“It’s better to hear bands live than on Spotify because it feels more real; the vocals, energy, and music just seems 10 times better; there’s something about the killer riffs, deafening drums, and screaming the vocals that make the whole concert experience enjoyable,” said Aandrea Pineda-Dominguez, a Thousand Oaks high schooler who came to see the show with her family and friends.

The show featured local bands Standby, TemperMental, Black Moon Lilith, Madam Bombs, Left Side Up, and Torment in Treachery. Judged by their musical ability, stage presence, and overall performance, the event saw their first-ever victory for an all-girl band. 

TemperMental, said to be “the next generation of Rock ‘n Roll, known for their mad harmonious rock and stellar live performances”, took home the victory with their undeniable talent and charisma. Their performance charmed the audience, and they left the competition with the victory and many new fans.

“The Battle of the Bands was an unforgettable experience, filled with all types of rock, faces, and energy. I will definitely be going again next year, maybe even with my band; and I hope to see TemperMental on stage once more with fresh new singles,” said Pineda-Dominguez.