CVUSD Approves New Timeline for Returning to Campus

CVUSD Approves New Timeline for Returning to Campus

October 22, 2020

The CVUSD Board of Education voted in a 4-1 decision Tuesday night to amend the timeline for returning to school. High schools will return Jan. 19, middle schools will return Nov. 16, grades 3-5 will return Nov. 12 and TK-2 will return Nov. 9. Five hours into the meeting, board members voted to approve the timeline with Board Trustee Sandee Everett dissenting. Everett expressed her disapproval of the high school timeline, stating she’d rather see high school students back in school on Nov. 16, the same time as middle schoolers.  During the meeting, Superintendent Mark McLaughlin showed what classrooms would be ...

Weekly Wrap Up 5-2-20

May 22, 2020

Hello lancers here's your weekly wrap up Reminder Lancers! Class officer voting ends tomorrow! The link to the polls was sent to your email! @ewbergmann @ThousandOaksHS (TOHS_ASB) Check out the TOHS end of year/Graduation plans (via That's it for today lancers

Weekly Wrap Up 5-15-20

May 15, 2020

Hello Lancers here's your weekly wrap up End of the year videos for all grades! Send photos to your spirit email with "End of Year Video" as the subject! @ewbergmann @ThousandOaksHS (@TOHS_ASB) May 11,2020 Internet connection is the key to distance learning for students & we're proud to announce a new, free way for students to digitally connect. At 5 CVUSD sites parking spaces are now specially marked as places students can safely connect to the internet: (@ConejoValleyUSD) Seniors-Class of 2020, be sure to order your Final Transcript. #classof2020 @toshclassof20 (ThousandOaksHS) That's it for this week.

Binge to Beat the Boredom

Binge to Beat the Boredom

May 12, 2020

During this time, students have looked to Netflix alongside other streaming platforms for entertainment.  One show that some students are watching during this pandemic is “Grey’s Anatomy.” This show has 16 ongoing seasons to keep the students who watch it busy. It is still airing as of right now, but they are not filming new episodes at the moment because of the Coronavirus.  “It helps pass the time and it gives me something to do when I finish school and dance,” sophomore Kalyssa Hickman said.  Furthermore, Netflix has many shows to choose from for students who need or want so...

Test Day Tips

Test Day Tips

May 11, 2020

Here is some helpful advice gathered from day one of online AP tests. For extra help look on the College Board’s twitter account.  Two days prior to your AP exam make sure you have received an email from the College Board with your AP ID in it . On your test day, use the link in that email to start your exam. Make sure to login in 30 mins before your test time. You login using your AP ID number.  The test does not wait for you, so make sure you are ready at the given start time.  Use the resources the College Board has made available.  Take the Demo Exam. It does not ta...

weekly Wrap Up 5-8-20

May 9, 2020

Hello Lancers here's your weekly wrap up TOHS seniors, don't miss your chance to audition for a graduation speech or performance, Applications and a video of the speech or performance are due on Friday. Check your learn accounts for the email and updates that were sent out. @TOHS_ASB @tohsthelancer that's it for today lancers

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CVUSD Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8, 2020

With school closures, this year's teacher appreciation week was far from the usual routine of thank you cards from classes and Starbucks gift cards adorned with sketches of apples. Despite the lack of in-person celebration, Conejo Valley Unified School District took to social media to show their appreciation for our teachers. TOHS ASB put together a video to show their gratitude to their teachers. "Thank you so much for all your hard work," junior Olivia Harrington said in the opening of the video. Superintendent Dr. Mark...

Electives through Electronics

Electives through Electronics

May 6, 2020

Dance: Some students chose to take part in the elective dance. Currently, several sports are struggling to keep up with their students' physical activity but teachers and advisors are handling it very well by continuing activities through zoom calls and at home workouts.   “[The workload for online dance is] very minimal with only a few assignments each week.” Sophomore Sydney Locke said. Online workouts are still good for the body, as it helps to keep students in shape over quarantine, but it is not the same without friends and peers.  “I miss everyone so much and have le...

Weekly Wrap Up 5-1-20

May 1, 2020

Happy Friday Lancers Remember next week is Virtual Spirit Week! #BleedGreen Next week is Virtual Spirit Week Lancers! make sure to post on your story or twitter and tag us! @ewbergmann @ThousandOaksHS -TOHS ASB (@TOHS_ASB) April 30, 2020 You started #TOstrong, lets finish #APstrong! Get the collage credit you deserve! AP exams starts 5/11 @tohsclassof20 @tohsclassof2021 @tohsthelancer @TOHSTheCebter[email protected] @ThousandOaksHS @ewbergmann - TOHS Collage/Careeer (TOHS_College/Career) That's all for today Lancers

COVID-19 School Closure Updates

April 28, 2020

What will happen with grades? The California Education Code gives recommendations on possible grading systems, but can not govern what schools decide. The options of grading include: pass/fail, credit/no credit, no harm academic grading or a regular grading scale. Another option would be changing the range of the grading scale, for example an” A-C” scale. At the meeting, there was discussion that since students are taught to be motivated by good grades, some may be disappointed not to see their “A” present on their transcript.  Another point brought up was that there should be a grading system that can only raise the student’s grade, not lower it. This would be beneficial to students, especially those who have extremely difficult conditions during this quarantine. However, the main issue with thi...

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