A Day Behind Disney

Lines stretched with people queueing up to see various Disney-themed exhibits at the bi-annual D23 Expo, named for the year Disney began as a company: 1923. One of these people was senior Kristin Yamane, a longtime fan. The convention center filled with crowds who came to experience what was behind the magic that made the company famous.

“[The convention] was quite spectacular because it is an official Disney event, so it was done as well as it possibly could be,” Yamane said.

The halls were packed with exhibits on the history of the company, and there were numerous panels for special events where speakers presented.

Whereas many of the convention goers may be there for fun, senior Kristin Yamane is there for a different purpose.

“[Growing up,] I loved the Disney parks so much that I wanted to figure out how they were made to be so magical and imaginative,” Yamane said.

One part of the convention was Mickey’s of Glendale, an Imagineer company store filled with exclusive merchandise unavailable to the public except for during D23. Yamane was paying particular attention when visiting the store because her dream career is Imagineering.

“In the past five or six years I’ve wanted to pursue Imagineering as a possible career option,” Yamane said.

Imagineers combine creativity with skills in mechanical and electrical engineering to create the inner workings of the magic that millions experience. They design and create Disney theme parks around the world.

The convention was not without its bad moments, though.

“I actually got sick in the middle, so I wasn’t prepared for that,” Yamane said. “I had to go out of the convention center for a couple of hours, just to recover enough to go back, so I missed the opportunity to really see everything I could.”

Despite this, Yamane was given the opportunity to connect with the Disney community.

“I’ve always liked Disney and Disney movies ever since I was a child,” Yamane said. “I was raised on them. It’s really kind of imprinted in me.”.”