Exchange Student On Campus


Emma Caudill

Going to a new school is tough, let alone going to one in a new country. Junior Mathieu Mueller is in the foreign exchange program at TOHS. He is from Switzerland and wanted to join the exchange program to explore a new place and continue learning English. It seems as if a move across the world would be overwhelming, but Mathieu found it easy adapting to American lifestyle.  

According to Mathieu, a junior, the hardest thing to adjust to was speaking and listening. Mueller had to get used to the English slang and the common phrases we say in the area that might be different in other English speaking areas.

Despite adjusting to a whole new language, Mueller has adjusted well in America, even though it was such a huge move. Just like any other teen, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing sports. Mathieu plays soccer and ice hockey and plans on playing soccer on the TOHS school team.  

Switzerland and America are very different countries, but the size of the buildings, in Mathieu’s opinion, are the biggest difference.

“Here everything is bigger,and the people are more friendly [than back home in Switzerland]” Junior Mathieu Mueller said.  

Mathieu’s favorite thing about America is the food, which is “bigger and fattier” than the food in Switzerland. Mueller’s favorite food in California is the In N Out burger.  

Overall, Mathieu likes being at TOHS and all the people here and is looking forward to a great year in the foreign exchange program.