Spooky Scary and Stylish


With Halloween only one week away, Lancers on campus are already embracing the spooky spirit. Today, Junior Miles Zoltak sported a bold fashion statement — a pumpkin. Specifically, Zoltak was clad in a jack-o-lantern he had carved the night before, and decided to wear it to school on his head as a compliment to his outfit.

Both praised and critiqued by his teachers and schoolmates, Zoltak refused to be fazed by criticism.

“I am unfazed by criticism”  Zoltak said “I personally think they are jealous.”

Yet, Zoltak still managed to raise questions.

“I am so confused how he fit that on his head. Like, doesn’t that hurt?” Senior Allison Medley said.

Video Credit // Chandler Witt // With Permission
The outfit did not come out of the blue, however. Zoltak claims there was another inspiration behind his outfit choice.

“I was inspired by Dwight from The Office” Zoltak said.  “I have been planning it for about a year now.”

Zoltak also claims he is willing to take the risk of being dress-coded for wearing what many may claim to be a mask.

“I am not afraid” Zoltak said. “ My mom and sister said I would get in trouble, but I insisted. It is a vegetable, not a mask. Plus, this covers more skin than like a shirt with a shoulder cut-off.”

Zoltak is happy with his decision and hopes to inspire others, and looks forward to new outfits in holiday spirit.

“I’m not sure how I will up my game” Zoltak said, “But I am excited for what’s next!”

Cover Photo Credit // Cameron King // The Lancer