Outdoor School


Zia Zografos, Website Writer

Many students here at TOHS have now started interviewing to be a part of the Outdoor School program, where Juniors and Seniors can become camp counselors to sixth grade students. Outdoor School is an overnight camp where younger students learn about nature, build new experiences, and make lasting friendships. Camp counselors have the responsibility of helping the kids, as well as leading excursions like hiking trips and other educational activities. Many Juniors and Seniors remember their time at Outdoor School, and want to be able to give other students the same experience.

Seniors Angela Yu and Hayley Minassian both will participate in the program in the Spring.

The Lancer: Why did you decide to interview for Outdoor School?

Angela Yu: I went to Outdoor School in 6th grade, and it made such a lasting impression on me that I knew I wanted to come back and become a counselor in high school.

Hayley Minassian: I remember  being in the 6th grade and really looking up to my counselor, and I remember deciding that I was going to be a counselor too! I wasn’t able to interview for it last year because of my schedule but I’m so happy I’m able to interview this year!

TL: What are some of your best memories from your time at Outdoor School? What was your favorite activity or day trip?

AY: The first night I was there, the clock in our cabin was wrong and we were all braiding each other’s hair and talking really loudly, and suddenly the camp leader came and told us to be quiet because it was midnight and we were supposed to be in bed by eight o’clock.

HM: My favorite day trip was probably the hike to the beach, I remember walking with my counselors and one of them fell in the water. It was hilarious.

TL: What do you hope that the younger students will take away from this experience?

AY: I hope to be able to help them and show them what it means to be mature. Hopefully they also leave with some lasting memories of their time at Outdoor School, like it did for me.

HM: I just hope they have a fun time, and realize learning does not always have to be in a classroom setting.

TL: What do you hope to take away from being a part of this program?

AY: I hope to be able to give back to the program that was able to give me such a good experience, and to better understand how I can contribute to the success of the well-being of the kids.

HM: I hope that I get to learn more about working with younger students, and most importantly that I did my job and served as a good counselor to them.

Cover Photo // Wiki Commons // With permission