Club Feature: International Club


Every 1 and 3 Thursday of the month, a group of students meet during lunch to learn about cultures different from their own.

“Sometimes where we live can feel like a bubble,” senior club president Parker Snyder said. “I feel like international club can expose people to different things from around the world.”

Guest speakers from around the the Thousand Oaks community come to give presentations about cultures they are familiar with to the club. At a recent club meeting, a guest speaker presented about the country of Thailand.

At other meetings, TOHS students share their experiences from traveling to foreign countries. Senior Robert Steepleton presented last month. Steepleton spent his junior year of high school studying abroad in Germany.

“Some people don’t think it’s very interesting, but when you hear a first hand account from somebody, it can be really interesting,” Snyder said.

In the future, the club president hopes to continue to have guest speakers come into the club and share their knowledge about other countries. This Thursday a speaker who lived in Belgium will present during lunch.

“I want to get more people aware that there is a club at this school where people can come and learn more about different parts of the world,” Snyder said.

The club meets in room G2 during lunch on the 1 and 3 Thursday of each month. All are welcome to attend the club where they can make new friends and learn about foreign places and cultures.