One Letter at a Time


The Combat Care Club sends letters overseas to help motivate and lift  the spirits of soldiers fighting for our country. These letters are sent to all branches of the military.

The president of the club, senior Remy Joachims created the Combat Care Club because she wants to serve the members of the military.

“I started this club because I think it’s important to help our soldiers overseas,” Joachims said.

Joachims was inspired to create this club because she comes from a military family and has many connections to the military.

“I’m in a very prominent military family,” Joachims said.

After high school, Joachims hopes to pursue a career in the service as some of her family have done.

“I will be joining the Navy one day,” Joachims said to The Lancer.

In the letters, members of the club share personal experiences from their life to give the soldiers an idea of how life is like back home. These letters can give the soldiers an insight to life in the United States. The letters also include messages of gratitude for the soldiers. The club tries not to bring up anything controversial in the messages they send.

Many other students at TOHS have joined the club because they find it important to give back to the soldiers, like Joachims

“I joined the club because I’m passionate about giving back to the people that have served our country so much”, senior club officer Natalie Mattera said.

The letters are sent out through an organization called Operation Gratitude, a volunteer organization that sends care packages and handwritten letters to U.S. troops, First Responders, Veterans, Militarily families, and Wounded Heroes to show their appreciation for the work they have done. They agreed to mail out The Combat Care Clubs letters for free.

“We know that [the letters] are going to people who will appreciate them,” Joachims said to The Lancer.

Joachims encourages all TOHS students  to join her club and to write these life changing letters. Her club meets the first Tuesday of every month in C-10

“It’s typically a really fun atmosphere,” Joachims said.  “We normally have pizza and a movie.”

This club is a great way for students to get involved with school and meet new people while giving back to those who fight everyday to keep our country safe.

“This club is important to me because I think we should give back to those who are helping serve our country,” said senior Natalie Mattera.

She shines light on the fact that we don’t appreciate what those who serve really do for our country and how they protect it for future generations. Overall, the club is spreading a positive message to our generation.

The Combat Care Club creates a positive atmosphere for students at high school. The work the club does for the soldiers impacts them in many ways and makes them feel thought of in times of distress. Furthermore, war can change you but these letters really help to keep the soldiers thinking positively.