Post-Injury Positivity


Junior Stephen Devine loves to volunteer, and school is very important to him. Devine is part of Link Crew and Interact Club here at TOHS; he is also very fond of sports.

Devine plays Sand Volleyball and regular season Boys Volleyball.

Unfortunately, his passion for sports has resulted in him obtaining many injuries.

I’ve torn my ACL, my meniscus, broken a rib, broken my hand and then obviously [some] minor injuries,” Devine said.

Last spring, Devine tore his meniscus, and he had to have surgery. Afterwards, he was on crutches for a while and could not play sports for five months. However, Devine had plenty of support during this difficult time.

“It wasn’t too bad because I had a lot of people help me hold the door, carry my books, stuff like that,” Devine said. “I tend to be a very stubborn person when it comes to people helping me. I try not to let them do that.”

While Devine can be stubborn, he is also a self proclaimed optimist, a trait he learned from his biggest role model.

“[My dad] tries really hard; he’s always a glass half full kind of person. He’s never done something that I look down on; he’s always been this great figure,” Devine said.

Devine’s father often has to travel for work, but they still maintain a close bond.

Through his plethora of injuries, Devine managed to stay positive and push through.