…And Scene

The Lancer talks with leaders and members of the Drama Club, one of our newest clubs on campus.

Led by Breanna Mack, drama club was started up towards the end of the first quarter. To start off the day, students get to learn more about each other by answering fun questions such as the question, what is the most dangerous game? Activities in drama club include improv, writing monologues, brainstorming scenes of a play, and more. Drama club offers a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. 

“We all have a good understanding of what’s going on and what a lot of us might be going through and ultimately at the end of the day we all come there to one, escape it but two, to make sure that everyone’s okay” freshman and club member Caroline Crandall said.   


Katie Torres

 Junior Katie Torres is the drama club vice president and member of the theater department. This is Torres’ first year in the theater program. Although, she was in a few school plays in middle school. She participated in Peter Pan Jr. and Alice in Wonderland

“Peter Pan Jr was my favorite because I got to play Tinker Bell and the costume was amazing” Torres said.

Torres took theatre during the first quarter and wanted to continue working with Ms. Mack in order to work on her acting and directing skills. Acting allows her to step out of her comfort zone and have fun with the people around her. She enjoys playing rolls that have many lines, but a few scenes.

“I would love to be a part of the theatre community as we as be one of the writers or actors of a drama club devised play” Torres said.  

Jack Rogers

Meet the drama club president and member of the theater department, senior Jack Rogers! Rogers has been a member of the theater department all throughout high school. He has participated in every school show that has been produced and as a member of Young Artist Ensemble, has participated in their shows as well. 

“I joined drama club because I have been a member of the theater department for the last 4 years and want to keep the ball rolling” Rogers said.

Rogers finds it difficult to pick a favorite show that he has been in. He tends to pick the most recent show produced which currently happens to be the school’s production of The Hope and Heartache Diner.

“I’ve consistently been casted as what could be described as joke rolls…but I find that I much more enjoy getting to act in more down to earth, not serious, but realistic characters” said Rogers.

In the end, Rogers hopes that by being the leader of drama club he could help rebuild the theater community that lost many seniors who held the program together last year.

“I just wanted us to do any show…and have been fighting for that since the end of last year when our production of Legally Blonde got cut short due to the lockdowns” Rogers said. 

Caroline Crandall

Freshman Caroline Crandall is a member of the drama club and theater department. She decided to join drama club due to the fact that she was stuck home all day during the pandemic and wanted to have a little fun. She was also doing improv in theatre at the time and found that she really enjoyed it. 

“I like scenes where you get to argue with the other person…where you just get to argue about something random that you have no knowledge about…it’s like picking a fight with your siblings” Crandall said. 

Growing up she would participate in musicals produced by her school. Her school would write and compose the songs itself. Crandall enjoys playing the roles of different people because you are allowed to pretend to be the type of person you want to be.  

“…with all of this crazy stuff going on, you get to immerse yourself in a world where it can not exist. You can be a whole different person…” Crandall said.  

Alana Olin

Freshman Alana Olin is a member of the drama club who loves doing improv and creating new characters. Olin joined the drama club after hearing about what a great program it is. She enjoys acting and loves playing sarcastic characters. 

“I never thought that I’d be able to do a random scene with a random person, so that’s kind of a personal accomplishment,” Olin said. 

Olin participated in musicals and plays every year in elementary school, and her favorite was Beauty and the Beast. Olin doesn’t participate in any theater programs, but she likes doing group activities in drama club.

“[I enjoy trying to] be someone else, think how they think, and especially when you’re improvising, you really do have to think ‘What would this person say? What would they do right now?’” Olin said. mill

Emily Page

Freshman Emily Page is a member of the drama club and theater program. She loves acting and trying new roles. Her favorite roles to play are enthusiastic characters. 

“I’ve always had a passion for acting and been a very expressive person so I figured this is a way to use it to an advantage” Page said. 

Though Page hasn’t had much experience in acting, she hopes to get better at public speaking and being more confident in her acting. Page described the drama club as a safe space and very fun.

“It is a very welcoming environment. Everybody feels like they are a part of something, it’s very fun and energetic. It always makes me feel better”

Page’s favorite play is West Side Story, it was one of her first plays, so she has a sentimental attitude towards it. In drama club Page does a lot of improv. Ms. Mack gives different roles to students and they would have to improvise a scene. 

“I like being on my toes, it helps me come up with things faster… its definitely fun to say whatever comes to mind” Page said.