On Mar. 27th, 2020 news surfaced of the passing of Thousand Oaks High School teacher Robert Del Sesto. Del Sesto, commonly referred to as “Del” or Bob by his students and colleagues, dedicated 23 years to helping the Lancers bleed green. Del Sesto touched many lives, especially ones of the students he taught. 

“He helped inspire all students to speak up and because of this, there was never a dull moment in class. I will forever remember his positive and fun-loving attitude,” alumnus Ryan Barber, Class of 2018 said.

He was well acquainted with his colleagues and was always known to greet.

“If he saw me walking down the hallway, he would come out and say, ‘Gembro!’ and I would greet him with a loud and deep, ‘Del Sesto!’ he would ask how I was doing and more importantly, how the kids were doing,”  math teacher William Gemberling said. 

While teaching at Thousand Oaks, Del shared his philosophies amongst a variety of student groups, teaching science, history and being ASB advisor.

“He was an amazing and dedicated ASB advisor and over his tenure spent many long hours into the night to create some of the best Homecomings, Proms and Lunch Time activities the school has known,” history teacher Robert Haar said. “There was some sort of activity or game pretty much weekly during his time as advisor.”

Del not only dedicated hours to assuring TO was a fun and collaborative environment but also gave his time to working alongside the Surfrider Foundation.

“He was genuine and supportive as a teacher. His was a voice that others listened to and trusted,” Haar said. “Del was a professional who saw lifelong learning as vital for his students, colleagues and himself.”

He is survived through his loving wife Tammy, and daughters Alyssa and Rebecca. 

“From pinning my picture up on his family cork board at the front of his classroom to lending me sweatshirts to giving me the nickname ‘H Dawg,’ to giving me a safe place to go when I needed one,” Hannah Mercer, Class of ‘19 said. “He really was a second dad to me, so this loss is horribly familiar.”

Click here to donate to help support his family and medical expenses. 

Photo » Hannah Mercer » With Permission