SSBM Tournament

Grab your CRTs and Nintendo Gamecubes because TOHS is hosting its very own Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM) tournament on Fri, Dec. 18 in the MPR.

SSBM is a 2001 Gamecube fighting game where up to four players face off at a time. It was originally intended to be played as a party game, but quickly developed a competitive scene where groups of players would come together and play for money, fun and pride.

The Nerd Herd club allows students interested in the Super Smash Brothers franchise to play both competitively and casually during lunch. It meets on Thursdays at lunch in I7 and welcomes players from all skill levels.

In TOHS’ first ever tournament, Nerd Herd is gathering students and other players from around the community for the event. It will take place after school at 3:30 pm and it charges a $3 to play friendly games at the venue and $5 to enter the singles tournament.

“It’s really exciting to have a tournament so close by” Nerd Herd secretary freshman Kyle Lott said. “We’re hoping lots of people show up and will schedule more tournaments if they do.”