European Tourism Unshaken by Terrorism


Cate Valinote, Website Editor & Writer

After recent attacks in Europe, it is hard to imagine the sites of terrorism maintaining their spirit. This summer, however, crowds of tourists still flocked to the streets of Paris, the grandeur of the city retaining its sparkle.

Paris shows no sign of weakness, and tourism is refusing to slow. The UNWTO Barometer reported that in 2016, Europe “consolidated its healthy growth of recent years.” Knowing this, developing new city safety measures is a priority.

Beyond the tidy streets, skinny stairwells, and promise of a historic landmark nearby, Paris is strengthening its grasp on security. Observers can find evidence of terrorism’s aftermath by noticing the soldiers stationed in the bustling plazas or the new security screenings underneath the Eiffel Tower.

In wake of terrorism, these have been times of fear. Despite this reality, it is important for tourists and locals alike to recognize their duty as world citizens. To take a stance against terrorism, we must support new security measures, but also continue to travel and live fearlessly. The cities of Paris, Nice, Brussels, and many more serve as examples of perseverance.