This Week’s Wrap Up (9.2.16)


With the first two weeks of school over, Lancers are finally getting back into their routines. As the workload starts to pick up, many students are reminiscing to last week, when their only worries were finding their classes and signing their syllabuses. Here’s a #FlashbackFriday to the teachers picnicking in the quad, where they gathered to unwind after a full week of school. Are we anticipating a new Lancer tradition?

To celebrate the first full week of the school year, here’s a list of a few things that happened this week on campus:

  1. The Lancer website underwent a makeover with a cleaner design and snazzier stories. The black hole no more!
  2. Theater club met on Wednesday, with whispers about what the next fall play may be.
  3. Our football team didn’t kill it last Friday, but our Green Hole sure did. Ain’t no party like a T.O party!
  4. A UC Berkeley college visit was held in the College and Career room this Friday. If you missed it, make sure to sign up for other college visits on Naviance.
  5. TOHS is getting greener. Look out for the new compost bins set up around campus.
  6. The new order of AP Psychology textbooks finally showed up. About time!

Until next week, Lancers!

Written by: April Sanchez and Cate Valinote