This Week’s Wrap Up (11.4.16)


Samantha Shapiro, April Sanchez

This week, Lancers had a dress-up week with a CPT Wednesday!
1. On Monday, many Lancers dressed up for Halloween.

2. Wednesday marked the opening of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Come to a showing tonight, tomorrow, and next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to support our talented drama department!

3. Also on Wednesday, Astronomy Club and Science Department held a nighttime star gazing event.

4. Today at lunch, Lancers held a mini-rally for the football game tonight!
Photos by April Sanchez

5. Tonight is the last football game of the school year. Let’s go out and support out Lancer footballers in the last game by wearing green and showing our team spirit!
Tonight @ 4PM JV -VS- Newbury Park @ TOHS
Later @ 7PM Varsity -VS- Newbury Park @ TOHS

6. Today, Lancers celebrated Mrs. Connie Peter’s birthday! Thank you, Mrs. Peters, for all that you do in the College and Career Center!
Photo by April Sanchez

See you next week, Lancers!!