TOHS Students Celebrate Earth Day


Last Saturday, April 22nd, was Earth Day. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country gathered to show their support for science and the environment, with one of the most notable gatherings being the March for Science in Washington D.C, as well as other major cities such as Los Angeles.

Environmental activists and other supporters in the scientific community marched and protested against President Donald Trump’s policies on the environment, especially his denial of climate change and his push towards the deregulation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Despite the political tension brought on by Trump and his administration, others chose to set aside their political differences to celebrate the day by sharing their love of nature and spreading support for environmental preservation.

Several Thousand Oaks High students also participated this Earth Day, either by posting on social media to raise awareness for the environment or by actually taking part part of the March for Science in nearby Los Angeles.

Here are a few TOHS students who took to social media to spread their message:

Pt 2 🌻

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"botany is bitchin" #marchforscience

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i marched with the greatest people i know today🌵🌈 there is no planet B. do not silence discovery

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