Festival of Scholars


Beginning in their sophomore year, The Center for Advanced Studies and Research provides the resources and guidance for academically driven individuals to pursue graduate level research. Learning the skills necessary to create all components within a research paper, students also learn the importance of work ethic and independence through exploration and practice. The Center. After completing Performance Task 1 and Performance Task 2 which include an individual research report, team multimedia presentation and defense, individual written argument, individual multimedia presentation and oral defense, and finally a two hour end-of-course exam, students head into their junior year independently capable of either furthering their current research or choosing a new topic.

Throughout junior year, students spend time working with their advisors, mentors and peers to construct a 4,000-5,000 word research paper investigate a topic of interest and present their findings in front of a panel of experts. Finally, students compile their research and create a poster board, presenting their summarized findings to students and family members apart of The Center. This event, Festival Scholars, allows students to showcase their years’ worth of hard work in a fun, relaxed setting.

“Festival of scholars was a great opportunity for us center students to display our research for the community while interacting with the mentors and those closest to us. It really is a fun night, and we are all proud of our accomplishments and especially thankful we are finished,” says Junior scholar Aden Goldberg.