Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes

With Feb.1 fast approaching, ASB members are pushing for ticket sales for our first Winter Formal in several years. 

In order for the Winter Formal to be approved by the administration, a requirement of 400 tickets sold must be met.

“In the first few weeks of selling winter formal tickets, we needed to get a minimum of 400 tickets sold or else it would be cancelled,” senior Kailey Davies said. “Thankfully, we sold the right amount and the dance is still happening.”

For the past few weeks ASB has been posting on all social media platforms along with putting up posters all around the school to advertise. 

“Trying to start a new tradition is very exciting but very daunting,” senior Sarah Egertson said. “Selling enough tickets in order for it to happen is relying heavily on the trust between ASB and the population we try to represent.”

Planning a dance takes lots of preparation, luckily the dance will take place in the gym, so there’s no additional effort in finding an available venue. 

“Winter formal is exactly like homecoming, just a fancier name,” Davies said. “We sold 1,000 tickets for homecoming so we’re hoping to get a turnout like that once the dance rolls around.” 

A Winter Formal dance has been a long and desirable event, unfortunately when the idea originated, ASB was unaware if the event would become a reality due to the goal of tickets sold.

“We weren’t sure what to expect going into it, we were expecting ticket sales to skyrocket because everyone wanted another dance,” ASB president Ryan Harris said. “We sold a lot of tickets on the one day sale and 400 so far.”
Within the next two weeks ASB is hoping to sell at least another few hundred.

Luckily, ASB has been very persistent with their advertising, their methods have proved to be effective. As of now Winter Formal is on, and will be taking place on Feb. 1 from 7 to 10 pm.

“We are excited for it and we are working with the DJ,” Harris said. “ we are hoping it will be as much fun as homecoming.”