Terrorism is a Bad Thing

Saying that terrorism is bad will likely be of no surprise to anyone. It appears, however, that President Obama thinks differently. Even in light of the recent tragedies in Paris, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Mali, he is comfortable letting thousands of Syrian refugees through our borders.

Obama claims his reasoning behind opening up our borders to nearly 10,000 refugees from a highly violent and terror-ridden landscape is out of general compassion, saying that “slamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values. That’s not who we are.”

No, Obama, of course that’s not who “we” are. “We” would never slam the door on an Islamic homeless man with a grenade belt strapped to his waist asking to spend the night in the same room as our little sister. What would “we” be thinking if we did? That wouldn’t be American of us, because “we” are such an accepting country.

It’s also not like Obama’s previous foreign policies towards primarily Islamic countries have been questionable in the past. Especially not with giving Iran access to nuclear weaponry.

Oh, wait.

Sorry. I, like Obama, have a short-term memory and forget important political decisions like that.

The truth is that, due to Obama’s horrific foreign policies, America is more vulnerable than ever for a major radical Islam attack.

The first critical issue is Obama’s refusal to call the attacks on France, Iraq, Lebanon, and Mali what they are—works of Radical Islam. The groups that have claimed responsibility for such horrific happenings were ISIL (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), al-Qaeda (A jihadist group called The Base) and the Macina Liberation Front (an al-Qaeda linked jihadist organization). All four groups report to be in strong relations to the Islamic faith. Denying that modern acts of terror have relation to the Islamic faith is simply feeding into their plan.

If Obama convinces the American population Muslims are not a threat to our national security, we will continue to bring these thousands upon thousands Syrian of refugees into our country—thousands upon thousands of potential terrorists.

With inviting all these people in comes the tedium of background checking every individual. If somehow “we” manage to do this, the checks will not be consistent or thorough enough to make sure those “we” let in are not connected to Radical Islam.

My proposal is not to feed into the terror being emitted by Radical Islamic groups. The United States should not allow Syrian refugees into our country because we should value our citizen’s safety over the happiness of some immigrants, whom we have no background information on.

Furthermore, in accordance to several influential politicians such as Bernard Cazeneuve and Donald Trump, we should keep an extra close eye on our own Muslim citizens, and moderate all activities that take place in mosques. If the American Muslims know they are being watched, they will be immediately put on high alert. The non-terrorizing Muslims should love this idea as they won’t be associated with such negative attention. The safety of Americans should be of highest priority.

The threat of radical Islam is no match for America if we know how to say no.