Thanksgiving without Boundaries


Sam Hwang, Staff Writer'

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in a traditional way, whether they enjoy mashed potatoes or not. My family and I are part of the group that does not enjoy the classic Thanksgiving meal, so we have made a tradition of dining on a steak dinner instead. I am not particularly fond of stuffed turkey, cornbread, or any of the other dishes served on Thanksgiving for that matter.

Dislike of conventional Thanksgiving food is only one of the many reasons that some people do not enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving. Of the 320 million Americans in the nation, close to 41 million do not celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional manner. People may dread the thought of awkward family reunions, or uncomfortable conversations at the dinner table, leading them to dislike Thanksgiving, which is based around gathering with relatives and having a good time with family.

Personally, I enjoy being surrounded by loved ones and having conversations with relatives that I have not seen in a long time. The same does not go for everyone, especially those who enjoy keeping to themselves. My only issue is that I don’t have a fondness for questionable stuffing or grandma’s green beans. The biggest reason that my family and I do not celebrate Thanksgiving in a conventional manner is because most of my relatives live too far away or are to preoccupied with other matters to come to a family reunion.

Other non-celebrators may not enjoy socializing in a crowded atmosphere, such as those that are present during Thanksgiving gatherings. Introverts may prefer to be alone and relax, dining by themselves.

Americans celebrates Thanksgiving in their own way, some breaking away from tradition and some sticking with it, but in the end, what matters most is that we truly give thanks for the good things in our lives.

Photo // Pixabay