Pranking with a Purpose


From pieing friends in the face to putting a whoopee cushion on a chair, April Fools’ Day is know as a “holiday” filled with wasting not only time and effort to make a friends day miserable but also making it clear that some people are just too immature to grow up.  Though it’s origins are uncertain, some see it as a celebration related to the turn of the seasons, while others believe it stems from the adoption of a new calendar. However, these are all just an excuse for nothing but the continuous return of useless pranks.

Even though the general consensus is that April Fool’s is supposed to be fun, it is actually immature. The various shenanigans of April Fool’s are often taken too far and can ultimately injure, take a life, humiliate, or take away human rights.

If someone plays a prank that results in damaging a person’s reputation so bad they can’t find a job when they’re older, it’s clear they are taking away a right usually given to people without interference from that prank. Immaturity can also negatively affect people for long periods of time with the party responsible for knowing the effects before, this is just foolish all together.
Back when the day was officially introduced, pranks were thought of as ingenious, taking some planning and preparation.  If someone is spending several hours slaving over a one to two minute prank, they clearly need to get a life or resort to another hobby. In past celebrations of the day, everybody had a good laugh afterwards, but nowadays they’re chock full of immaturity that sometimes can even result to violence, why has our society emerged from the humiliation of our peers?
People aren’t aiming to trick somebody they know anymore, they’re aiming to get a viral video on YouTube, they are expecting a reaction that could possibly alter their life after receiving the most likes. This is what our society has become, desperate for attention. These friendly pranks often lead to dangerous, or disrespectful outcomes that change a way a person is perceived, affecting them in a negative manor.

When someone over engineers a prank, often they are aware of the consequences, but they don’t think about the bigger picture, looking at how it affects the other person, or they just  don’t care because it’s not them suffering. Traditionally pranks were created for the purpose of being fun, but now they are harmful and are not really done for the same motive, making the current purpose of April Fools day irrelevant.