Streaming Nightmares


With the launch of Disney+ and Apple TV+, it’s time to wonder how many streaming services are too many.

Popular services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+. While it seems like a few right now, with the NBC service starting in April 2020, it’s becoming too much. The excessive amount of streaming services has made it like cable television. With all these options, how does one choose which to buy?

Currently, the cost of a Netflix subscription is $8.99 for the basic plan, $12.99 for the standard plan, and $15.99 for the premium plan. This is pricey when compared to the $7.00 a month cost of Disney+.

Hulu also has different plans. There’s basic for $5.99 per month, premium for $11.99 per month, basic+ live tv for $44.99 each month and premium+ live tv for a whopping $50.99 each month.

“Hulu + Live TV subscribers gain access to 60+ channels of live TV, including cable news networks CBS, ABC, and NBC and favorites such as Food Network, Disney Channel, and Discovery,” Jen Gushue said, (Business Insider).

Amazon Prime Video has a membership and a Prime Student membership. To subscribe to a regular membership, it costs $12.99 a month while a Prime Student membership costs only $6.49 a month. Students currently attending college qualify for a Prime Student membership.

Apple TV+, the cheapest option out of these five, costs 4.99 a month. Apple TV+ includes originals, but you can link it with other providers.

“In addition to all of the projects listed above, Apple TV+ is going after Netflix in a big way. The tech giant is planning to make six small-budget, award-worthy films every year, with an eye on generating buzz for the service and nabbing some Academy Award nominations along the way,” Chris Gates states, (Digital Trends).

With all the prices shown, it’s time to look at the grand cost of these services.

To have the basic plans for all five services, not including a Prime Student membership, it would cost $39.96 a month. For the most simple packages possible, is that too much to be spending on entertainment?

It seems almost obvious, purchase monthly subscriptions for Apple TV+ or Hulu. They have the cheapest plans, and thus would cost only $10.98 per month. This is cheaper than a Prime Video subscription or the standard Netflix subscription alone.

However, the answer isn’t as simple as what service is the cheapest. Whichever streaming plans you choose depends on what shows you like. But before you spend your (or your parent’s) money, consider all the variables. It may or may not be worth it.