Pine or Plastic?

With plastic Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular for their convenience and longevity, real trees are still the best for spreading Christmas Cheer.


Chase Patterson, News Editor

Every year more than 25 million Christmas trees are sold in the United States alone. With this sizable effect that these trees have comes arguments about them. Most notably, whether plastic or real trees are better.
I am here to give you a definitive answer. Real trees are one hundred percent better, and here is why.
Although the real trees come with more maintenance, that is nothing compared to the joy having a real tree gives. The aroma mixed with the ornaments hanging from the tree is enough to get almost anyone in the Christmas spirit.
While some may argue that the maintenance outweighs the upside of a real tree, that is simply not true. Outside of watering the tree daily and picking up the pine needles here and there, there is no real maintenance to do for the tree.
Another complaint with real trees is that they are too expensive to get every year. And whilst this is a valid concern, there are trees ranging from all sizes, shapes, and prices. This means that there are trees most definitely for lower prices.
Along with those arguments, it is obvious that after a while, these trees will die. And before then, they will slouch down making it hard to keep ornaments on the tree. This however is easily avoidable as long as you are able to buy the tree close to christmas and keep it watered and taken care of.
Fake trees, while convenient, just don’t feel the same as a real tree. The smell of evergreen trees is traded for the smell of cheap plastics. Along with this, the completely uniform shade of green around the tree exposes it as unnatural and an imposter of the real thing.
While some may argue that cutting down real trees is bad for the environment, the truth is that fake trees are much worse. Fake trees are made of plastic and PVC, and the production of these materials is bad for the environment whilst the growing of real trees is good for the environment.
I think it’s obvious we have a winner, but no matter which type of tree your presents are sitting under this year, it’s clear that the humble Christmas tree sets the tone for the holiday season with its bright lights and many ornaments.