Should Old TV Shows get Reboots?

Old shows have been getting chances to become rebooted. Shows like “ICarly” and “That’s So Raven” have had another start after years of their end. But some have mixed opinions on whether or not old TV shows should be rebooted, or not.


Lots of teens and young adults have grown up watching shows like “ICarly”, “That’s So Raven” and, “Victorious” but sadly as all good things must come to an end. So the shows obviously have had their respective finales.

     However, now, years later, there have been talk’s of these throwbacks having reboots.

     There seems to be mixed reactions, especially from those who grew up watching these old favorites. Many wanted them to stop rather than continuing on to become rebooted.

       “I think that it depends on the quality of the production, but I think generally speaking yes we should leave it in the past,” freshman Catelin Flores said that 

      Even though many TV producers would like to bring back the nostalgia of past shows to attract their older audience, many aren’t fond of the newly remodeled shows as they can not be compared to the original.

      “It’s kinda fun for nostalgia, but I like the old one better and I think we should’ve just left it at that,” said Freshman Cianna Wilkins.

        Producers aren’t making an enticing comeback with the reboots, as many of their older viewers don’t seem all that thrilled about their reboots. 

      Some stating that they are reusing old ideas and not coming up with any new content.  

 “Personally I’d prefer if people made new ideas with new content. I get that they are trying to tap into the nostalgia, but it doesn’t always work out,” said by Catelin.