Girls Water Polo Rules the Pool

Girls water polo has entered its season with success. Already 8-1, the team is dominating its way through the preseason and is on track to have a successful year.  

“So far the season is going well,” junior utility Joy Hong said. “We are working well together and getting where we need to be since league games are just around the corner.”

The water polo team continues to improve every game it plays with tight team chemistry and the help of standout players, Joy Hong, Brianna Erickson, and Kristin Kudlinski. With years of experience, these players are helping to lead the team to victory.

Aside from the talent of the players, part of the water polo team’s success can also be attributed to the new head coach Dejan Novakovic. Novakovic has instituted a new mentality in playing the game and has brought new strategies that have helped the team throughout the preseason.

“As a team, we are super satisfied with the coaching this year,” Hong said. “Dejan engraves focus and intensity in games and warm ups, and I think we run really well with his encouragement.”

The girls water polo team is now looking to improve in each game as they get ready to start league competition in January. The team has stayed consistent with strong defense throughout the competition and is now looking to improve offensively as the tougher competition approaches.

“We are really looking to improve specific draw out plays and being more aggressive overall,” Hong said. “We only have eight field players this year so we are focusing on playing smart to limit turnovers.”

Despite the setbacks of having a small team, girls water polo is setting itself up to be a competitor this season. The team won its most recent game, beating Buena by a large margin of 9-2, on Thursday Dec. 17.

Girls water polo will be a team to watch this winter sports season. The Lancer’s next game will be the start of the league season with an opener against Agoura, at home, on Jan. 5.