Freshmen Basketball Ready to Fight Back


Just like the beginning of high school, basketball season has blindsided a new squad of freshmen. With a 1–5 league record, the freshmen boys are off to a rough start. They lost their first game by nine and have had a series of close match-ups that did not go their way—save for their twenty-six point win against Newbury Park.

Their closest game was against Agoura, to whom they lost by one from a buzzer-beating tip. Key players from the team expressed what they felt could do better for the second round against the Chargers.

“I agree with what Coach Donahue said about closing out games and playing with intensity throughout the second and third quarters,” forward Timmy Hone said. “I am looking to take more of the opportunities that are given to me.”

After losing three straight close games in which they held an early lead, it is easy to see where Hone is coming from. Guard Eric Longo, also shed light on playing to win games.

“We just got to flip the switch and play angry today. We haven’t been playing with intensity,” Longo said.

The team can afford to play with that kind of anger and passion that Longo was talking about because they have nothing to lose. This kind of play can be found through the defense, especially in the backcourt with physical guard play.

“I want to hold my matchup to no points today,” guard Jonas Slattum said.

The Chargers are second place in the league, and an away win would boost the confidence of the players. The game starts at 3 p.m. this afternoon at Agoura.