Girls Tennis Looks Ahead


Samuel Hwang, Website Writer

Thousand Oaks girls tennis has begun finding their footing after their third match of the pre-season against Oak Park on Thursday, Sept. 8. During the game, the team won five sets, but did not end up with the win.

Although they lost, girls tennis looks forward to the rest of the season and hopes to be successful, despite suffering a few tough losses to start off the year.

“We worked very hard, and even though we don’t always win we are able to support each other and do our best,” sophomore Angela Richards said.

The team expected some tough competition going into Thursday’s game, but they felt that they had what it would take to win. Now, the team is looking to improve as the season progresses.

“I think that our team will do well even against this solid team, so we just have to make sure that we push through,” Richards said before the game.  

The team has a very strong bond with one another, showing great team synergy off the courts and during matches.

“I think that our team chemistry is actually really good this season. We do a lot of team bonding exercises with the incoming player so that they feel more comfortable,”said Richards,”I think that we work really well together.”

The team hopes to bounce back during their next match against Moorpark High School tomorrow Tuesday, Sept. 12.