Boys Soccer Headed to CIF


Last night Boys Soccer tied with Newbury Park in the last league game of the year, solidifying their chance at going to CIF. Before the game, I sat down individually with five varsity players: junior center back Kevin Springer, junior center midfielder Jonathan Garcia, junior left midfielder Noah Dollenmayer, junior center midfielder Noah Marshall, and senior goalie Cameron King  to talk about the season and preparation for CIF.

The Lancer: After having a huge win at home earlier this season against Newbury Park. What are the team’s expectations for the game tonight at Newbury Park?

Kevin Springer: I think we are expecting a win. We want to come out strong against this team. We’ve had some inconsistencies with our opening minutes of our games, some being positive others not so much. A big portion of how the game goes comes from how we set the tone in the first five minutes. On the team we call it the “big five”. That’s the five minutes around kickoff, at half, and anytime a goal has been scored. Controlling those moments goes a long way to controlling the game. If we do that, I think we’ll be in good shape. Newbury is a solid team and a big rival so either way it will be a great game.

TL: What’s the team’s expectations for CIF?

KS: We’ve done really well this season to secure ourselves a second place spot. In our preseason we got a chance to preview some other  teams out of our marmonte league and I think that helps a lot with building our experience for CIF. A lot of guys play club with players from the local schools so you have an expectation of who’s dangerous and how the game may go. When it opens up that goes out the window. It all comes down to who is gonna dig in and get the win. Personally I have high expectations. We’ve done a lot of growing this year and I’m excited to now be seeing it pay off.

TL: What was going through your head when you scored the goal that would eventually win the game and clinch CIF?

Jonathan Garcia: I wanted to win bad to make cif playoffs so any shot I had I was going to take it. So when I scored the goal it was a relief that we took the lead and was able to keep it throughout the game.

TL: Kevin Springer mentioned you have the “big five” minutes after a goal. Besides, controlling those minutes, what did the team need to do throughout the game to keep the lead and hold on for the win?

JG: Always play with intensity and passion but keeping your mind focused and not making dumb mistakes anywhere in the field because that can always end up leading to a goal against.

TL: With all these goals you have been setting up. How have you been able to see the field so well to set these chances for your teammates.

Noah Dollenmayer: Playmaking is what I am best at and I credit my teammates for making good runs and trusting me because they know I will probably find them.

TL: How did you build that trust with your teammates?

ND: We’ve developed really great chemistry by playing with each other for years and being friends off the pitch.

TL: What has been your motivation this season leading up to becoming the team’s leading goal scorer?

Noah Marshall: Our goal this season was to make playoffs and in order to do that we have to balls in the back of the net. Last years failure to do so motivated our team and score more to eventually make the playoffs.

TL: Who is your biggest opponent on the field?

Cameron King: Not a lot of goals are scored on us,  but I’ve let in a fair amount  of ricochet goals.  Shots taken outside or around  the 18. These shots are usually pretty simple, but when I’m already diving or moving to save the shot. Our defense is trying to save it too.  The defender tipps it and redirects the shot.  If I’m already moving to the original shot a last second change can be very difficult to save.

Cover photo: Lisa Chow