TOHS Rugby with Fiona Devlin


Although Rugby isn’t a commonly heard sport here in Thousand Oaks or even in the country, Junior Fiona Devlin has started the sport just last year and is one of the few female rugby players.

The origin of rugby is believed to have resulted from an incident during an English school game of football. Although rugby is similar to football, players do not wear padding and they can only pass the ball backwards. Players can also only tackle other players only if they have the ball.

Unlike football, the clock does not get stopped as often; players still continue on with the game even if a player is tackled or if the ball is dropped.

Devlin got into the sport this past year due to her brother playing in past years. “I discovered rugby because my older brother used to play and it seemed like a really cool sport,” Devlin said. “He actually played for the same club I play for, but my friend was the one who helped me get into it and join.”