Sports Round-Up


THE LANCER: When did you start playing golf and why?

Nicole Shin: I started golfing about 6 years ago, when I was 9. When I was really young my dad loved to golf so he would take me out to the putting green or driving range. As I got older no other sport really clicked so I started lessons and never went back.

TL: Do you have a favorite memory from golf?

NS: In one of my first tournaments I was in a tie for first place and we had to go into a playoff to determine the winner and although I was really nervous I won!

TL: What goals did you set for yourself for this years season and what did you do to accomplish them?

NS: This year I wanted to beat my scoring average from last year and place top 15 in the league championships. In order th accomplish these goals I made an effort to practice at least five times a week and I also got a coach to help me with my swing.

TL: Is there anything specific the team as a whole tried to improve this year?

NS: The team’s goal was to have more wins and overall be more consistent.

TL: Does the team do any activities outside of golf or do any team bonding activities?

NS: As far as team bonding or activities we usually will just go out to eat sometimes.

TL: What school has been your biggest competition this year and why?

NS: Our biggest competition has been Westlake because all of their players are really good and they also have lower classmen who are good as well.

TL: What advice would you give to a younger, or more inexperienced player?

NS: I would say that in golf you really have to persevere because it gets extremely frustrating at times. Also, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort in order to improve.